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Roofing Repair

in Kenosha, Racine &Milwaukee, WI

A bad roof can cause leaks and water damage to the rest of your building, so don't trust your roof to just anyone. If your roof needs repair or replacement, VDB Contracting can help. Discounts are available for military and senior citizens.

At VDB we specialize in complete residential and commercial roofing systems. We are experts at dealing with leaks in the roof joints, deformed finish, surface deterioration, broken and cracked shingles, as well as leaks along the flashing. We are also your choice for roof repair and restoration due to storm damage and hail damage.

Services we offer include roof inspection, complete roof installation, tear-offs and shingle removal, re-shingling, roof underlayment installation, metal roofing systems, chimney flashing, hail damage and roof repair. If your gutters also need replacement, we can install a gutter system you can have confidence in for years to come to effectively direct water off of your roof and away from your building.

Tear-offs are important in order to get to the bare deck. This allows us to check for rotted or damaged wood that could lead to leaks and/or loose shingles. In order to then protect the deck we lay down leak barriers and felt paper. This helps prevent moisture from getting to the deck and creates a safer work area for our contractors.

Poorly ventilated attics can cause excess heat and moisture for the roof and inside the house. We prevent this by installing proper ventilation when replacing the shingles on your roof. Two of the most important areas to ensure your roof is watertight are the valleys and chimneys. Valleys are the areas where two sections of your roof meet at an angle. We use proper valley flashing to prevent water from seeping in at this seam in your decking. Chimneys also require flashing to prevent water and ice from causing problems to your roof and fireplace.

We take all of these steps to replace your roof in order to guarantee protection for you and your building. We trust our labor will stand up to the elements and offer a 15-year warranty for our work.

We install quality products from quality suppliers.

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Landing Page Testimonial

I hired VDB Contracting due to the quality of the material and expertise of crew. VDB did a fantastic job tearing off existing roof, repairing all decking and keeping property clean of debris. I was so impressed with the work on my roof I hired VDB to insulate my attic and replace my gutters. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Ron G.
Home Owner