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Is it Time to Replace your Flat Roof?

As we’ve mentioned before, flat roofs can get a bad rap - often because people just don’t know enough about them or because of improper installation or differed maintenance. So it should come as no surprise that many people who own or maintain a building with a flat roof simply don’t have any idea what to look for as signs that their roof needs attention - whether it be general repair or a full replacement. Today we’d like to explain a few things you should be looking for if you own a building with a flat roof.

Your Building is Only as Good as its Roof

You’ve probably heard the expression, “a chain is only as good as its weakest link.” Today, we’d like to explain how your building is only as good as its roof.

Now, unlike the adage about the chain, a bad roof doesn’t mean that a building is a total loss or worthless. Roofs can be repaired or re-installed; however, the adage does fit in the sense that a roof really affects the entire building and it serves as a linchpin for the rest of the building.

Permit an explanation:

Problematic Flat Roof? No Problem at All!

Flat roofs can be a source of near-constant headache for many building managers or maintenance supervisors of commercial buildings. While we certainly understand how and why this can happen, we also think flat roofs have gotten a bad rap over the years. Many buildings, because of how they are laid out and designed, simply require a flat-style roof. And there’s nothing wrong with that - a flat roof, done right, is no problem at all.

The Key to a Warm Home in the Winter

The distinct change in seasons is one of the things that makes Wisconsin what it is. And, although we might complain about the ice and snow by the time the end of February rolls around, most of us would have to admit that we’d miss our changes in season if we lived somewhere else. There’s something special about watching one season blend into another and experiencing four truly distinct seasons.